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Festival security search powers. With the festival season about to start this a probably a timely reminder of the search powers that festival security staff have at music festivals. Festival security are not police officers. Festival security do not have the power to search you or your property. Festival security have no power to search […]

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Reasonable Suspicion – Search by Police Officer. In order to search a person or vehicle for stolen property offensive weapon, prohibited articles, or controlled drugs, a Police Officer must have reasonable suspicion that you possess them. Reasonable suspicion does not require certainty that an unlawful item is being carried. Reasonable suspicion does not mean that […]

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Theft Burglary Robbery Explained. Theft is when you dishonestly take possession of something belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it. Key words here are “dishonestly” and “permanently” Temporary deprivation is borrowing and borrowing is not theft. However if you treat something as your own, such as using a “borrowed” […]

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How long can the police hold you if arrested? If arrested the police can hold you for 36 hours without charge. The 36 hours starts from the time that you arrive at the police station. The detention is reviewed at intervals of 6 hours, 9 hours and 9 hours by an Inspector (up to 24 […]

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