Policeguru, specialists in police powers and criminal law. Run by a former UK Police Detective and Criminal Defence Lawyer this easy to use and cost effective legal advice website is designed for parents, students, suspects, visitors and any member of the public who may have contact with the police in England and Wales.

Whether a victim, a witness or a suspect, an encounter with the law or police is an unsettling and sometimes frightening experience. Most people don't fully know their rights or understand the law or police powers to investigate or apply the law, or where to seek relevant and up to date legal advice.

Criminal law is a complex area that has evolved over centuries, and the police have far reaching powers within our society; police powers that can impose on our freedom and privacy.

With the recent cut backs in legal aid funding, and the subsequent closing of many solicitors' offices and crime departments, many people are turning to the internet for help.

Have you been invited to the police station for an interview under caution? Have you been in a car accident? Have you been accused of a crime? Are you being harassed by a former partner or employee? Do you need legal advice beyond that of a citizens advice centre.