A man accused of stealing a crate of fizzy drink while riding a hoverboard to be the first person prosecuted for riding the device on the pavement after new laws were introduced in October


Citing section 72 of the Highway Act 1835, the Metropolitan Police tweet a warning to owners and users of self-balancing scooters, also known as swegways and hover-boards, reminding people that their use on public roads or pavement was illegal in England and Wales. Any user of such a “vehicle” on a public road is likely at the very least to be committing the offences of using the vehicle without insurance.

We can’t afford lawyers, says public

Lawyers and legal advice are well beyond the budgets of ordinary people, a survey published this week has found.

Some 70 per cent of respondents to research conducted by Citizens Advice said they would not be able to afford a lawyer to advise on a problem or dispute. Only about 10 per cent were confident they could stump up the cost of legal fees.


Hundreds of police officers around the country are to have their prejudices challenged by a training programme that aims to reduce discrimination among those using stop-and-search powers, a tactic that disproportionately targets people from ethnic minorities.



A quarter of police stop and searches are illegal: 250,000 people are stopped without officers sticking to the rules

  • In 27 per cent of cases police did not have reasonable grounds
  •  This is the same as 250,000 people every year being stopped and searched
  •  The report warns of the potential to stir-up significant social unrest




Cuts in funding – the principle of fair justice is being undermined by the growing number of criminal defendants forced to represent themselves in court, magistrates from across the country warn.


One in three law centres set to shut down-Law Society Gazette

The number of criminal firms contracted to do criminal legal aid work is set to fall from 1,600 in 2013 to just 400 in the near future.