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New psychological domestic abuse law –
controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship

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Breach of the Peace -This is used less these days. In the days before specific legislation giving the police powers of entry, search and arrest that they have now, this was a fall back power when nothing else existed. A breach of the peace occurs when an act or threat may cause harm to a […]

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Police Use of Force – police brutality – reasonable force. The police have powers to arrest, enter, search, prevent offences being committed, and prevent escape. There would be little point in the having these powers if the application of such police powers were dependent upon the consent of the subject. Let’s face it, would the […]

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Search warrant – police powers. The most well-known method whereby police can enter and search premises is with a search warrant. A warrant is a legal document that gives the police powers to enter and search premises for items of property. It is issued by a Magistrate following an application by the police made on […]

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