Offensive weapons – Knife

Offensive Weapon or bladed article – Minimum Sentence

People who carry knives to be jailed under ‘two strikes’ rule

The minimum custodial sentence is at least six months’ imprisonment for an offender aged 18 or over when convicted; and at least a four month detention and training order for 16 and 17 year olds. There is no mandatory sentence for young people under 16 years

On 17 July, section 28 and schedule 5 to the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 were brought into force, introducing the two strikes rule

These require the imposition of an obligatory minimum sentence for any person over 16 years of age who is convicted, on or after that date, of a second or subsequent ‘offensive weapon or bladed article’ offence, whenever the first was committed.

For those under 18, the obligatory sentence is four months detention and a training order; for adults, the minimum sentence is six months’ imprisonment.